…From Crape Myrtle Bark Scale!

Crape myrtle bark scale is a serious pest that reduces plant vigor, the number of flowers, & flower cluster size. Symptoms include tiny white scale insects and sooty black mold that may completely cover the foliage, branches, and trunks.

Healthy crape myrtle bark.

Scale are small sucking insects that secrete a sweet, sticky substance called honeydew, which coats the leaves and stems, or branches of the crape myrtle. Ants are attracted to the honeydew.

The honeydew coating attracts fungal spores, which adhere to the honeydew. Once a few sooty mold fungal spores are present, the fungus quickly spreads and affects the whole plant, making it appear as if it is covered in grime and soot.

The time to act is at the first sign or scale and before sooty mold discoloration is visible.  Consultree is a licensed, bonded & insured business with certified arborists specializing in plant health care for trees and shrubs.

Crape myrtles after one year of treatment.

Keep your crape myrtles healthy and beautiful with successful intervention. Ultimately, treatment is much more cost effective than having trees removed.